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Kiara Salu is a ship of 24 meters built with fine woods and aesthetically very similar to a “pirate ship”.
The shipping company of the ship Kiara Salu is the Charter & Co, active in the field of nautical charter for years.
Kiara Salu can accommodate up to 14 people on board. 11 people housed in 5 cabins with private bathrooms and three people on the sofa bed in the saloon.

The crew members are 2 (captain and hostess).


Formia, port of embarkation of the ship Kiara Salu, is located in a strategic position at the center of the Tyrrhenian Sea. In fact we are in the Gulf of Gaeta and we can reach comfortably and with maximum safety :

  • Flegree Islands (Ischia, Procida and Capri) that are within 36 miles max
  • the Pontine Islands (Ventotene, Santo Stefano, Ponza, Palmarola, Zannone) that are between 28 and 36 miles
  • the Amalfi Coast, which is about 45 miles


These are some of most beautiful places in Italy that can be reached in a few hours, both by sail and motor. Destinations can be freely chosen by the customer in relation to the available days . Of course we can expand the area of navigation including more areas.

  • in 3 days we can navigate in one of three described areas above
  • in 4/6 days we can navigate in two of the three described areas above
  • in 7/10 days we can navigate in all three mentioned areas above

P.S. – Of course in relation to the booking which will be formed during the year, we have no problem to change the navigation area to suit customer needs.

Sicily with the Aeolian Islands or Egadi, the South of Sardinia, Elba and Argentario can be safely proposed to customers.


Kiara Salu is a comfortable sailing ship , two wooden trees about 24 meters. Aesthetically it looks like the “pirate ship”, having a “garden” in the stern.

Certainly it does not go unnoticed being unlike any other boat.
The hull and the structural part is made of mahogany,  the hull is made of okumè.
Kiara Salu has a safety certification in “Class A” (without limits).

Based on the security certificate it  can embark up to 14 people (+ 2 crew).
11 people can be placed in 5 forward cabins (all with bathroom).
3 people may sleep in the dinette where a large table drops and becomes a huge double bed and a sofa bed.
The aft area instead is for the crew and there are:

  • kitchen (with 4 ring hob, oven, microwave, fryer, etc.)
  • the pantry with one cold store 600 liters and 330 liters freezer and a dishwasher

Kiara Salu is a sailing ship very comfortable, it has:

  • 12 sun mattresseson the bow deck (with awning)
  • a table for 12 people at the stern(with awning)
  • a double sofa aft
  • a table in the dinette for 12 people
  • 5 cabins forward with private bathroom (toilet of the type in use in homes) and electrical outlets
  • LCD TV in saloon and stereo spread internally and externally
  • real ladder where guests can access to the sea without door shower

Hot and Cold (webasto) air conditioning  centralized and distributed in all cabins with webasto

Kiara Salu is also equipped with two generators that provide up to 12 kW at 220 volts.


Kiara Salu’  has a crew of 2 persons. The captain (and owner) and a hostess / cook.
The philosophy of the leasing business of this boat is based on the experience in the sea in an informal way.  In fact, our customers expect a carefully prepared service on board , but not exaggerated  formalism. You go to the sea and you can enjoy this element all together, without exception.

On board are served three meals and a  mid-afternoon snack.
The area used for this purpose is the stern, where there is a large wooden table that seats up to 14 people.
The meals are cooked by our cook and placed on a table next to the main one.

You can enjoy meals through the mode of self-service.
The cabins are disinfected, cleaned and prepared at the beginning of the cruise. Customers will find  sheets and towels on board.
For the descent to the ground via tender, our staff will provide to the driving of a minibus.

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